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BMX bikes for young and old
BMX bikes for young and old
Inspired by motocross, BMX might well be the most stylish and creative genre of cycling there is - if you can even call it cycling. What professionals in the freestyle, flatland or race disciplines can do with their bikes borders on sorcery. These small yet incredibly tough 20"-wheeled bikes also have a much-deserved reputation as kids' bikes. The sturdy components and frames combined with a simple single-speed drivetrain not only look cool, but also offer the perfect platform for getting creative on two wheels.


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Choosing the right BMX with Bikester

Looking for the perfect BMX? Here at Bikester, we’ve got you covered with a great selection. Here are some key pointers, components and accessories to look out for when choosing the ideal BMX bike for you — whether you’re wanting to ride the ramps, the streets, the race track or even spin on flat land.

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What size BMX bike do I need?

BMX bikes already have a reduced frame size. This has its advantages with weight reduction and agility while racing and performing stunts.

BMX bikes mostly have 20″ tyres, although the larger frames can use 24″. These are known as 'cruiser class' BMX bikes. For kids, there's 12" and 14" tyres. The most important thing when working out frame size is the rider’s height. There are many charts online helping you choose the right size for your height, or contact a member of our knowledgeable customer service team.

How do BMX frames differ?

Racing BMX bikes

While you're smashing around the dusty track you need to know that your BMX bike’s frame is not going to hold you back. These frames are lightweight, designed with speed and stability in mind, so you can blaze around the track with ease. Good examples of these are GT BMXs speed series PRO bikes.

Freestyle BMX bikes

Built tough enough to take a beating in the dirt, street or park. Sturdier and with a thicker frame and tyre set up, these are also designed for flexibility while performing jumps and tricks — like Cult BMXs gateway frame.

Other things to think about

The angle of your head and seat tube, top tube, chain length, standover and bottom bracket height are vital details when choosing your frame. Some are designed for specific purposes like streets, ramps, trails and flatland, whilst others are suitable for a bit of everything. It all comes down to personal choice.

Essential BMX accessories

Aside from the bike itself, what else is there to think about?

BMX Helmets

Protecting your brain is a good idea if you're going to be spinning around on tracks and ramps. Specifically designed to minimise the effects of an impact on a rider’s head, a helmet can save your life. Helmets have come a long way in terms of design and technology. Also, many indoor bike parks have made helmets compulsory, so purchasing a helmet is part of the package when looking at BMX bikes.

BMX Wheels

Everyone agrees that wheels are one of the most crucial parts on a bike, especially when BMXing. Choosing the right set can mean the difference between having a bike that rolls quickly and with ease, or a pain in the chain that requires constant maintenance.

Remember that your BMX is only as good as the wheels that it rolls on. Take a look at our selection of wheels to see what's right for you.

BMX Shoes

When doing daring tricks, jumps or riding on steep terrain you rely on flat pedals and shoes to go with them. BMX riders look for maximum manoeuvrability and comfort while pushing the limits of their bikes and their own capabilities.