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Hybrid bikes: The sporty multi-talents
Hybrid bikes: The sporty multi-talents
With the latest generation of e-touring bikes on the scene, bike tours which were previously unimaginable are now possible! A compact and often very well-integrated electric drive from Bosch, Yamaha or other manufacturers delivers a lot of extra power for every kick on the pedals. As a rule, the efficiency of the electric drive can be regulated during the journey. And when the battery needs recharging, it is very easy to remove and charge it at the nearest outlet – regardless of whether the battery is attached to the luggage carrier or the frame. One can typically expect a comprehensive set of lights, quality shifting system, mudguards, and tour optimised seating position. Disc brakes are a clear mark of quality on every e-touring bike.


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Hybrid Bikes Explained

Here at Bikester, we're big fans of hybrid bikes. They're the ultimate all-rounder if you're after a bike that suits a wide range of terrains. If you'd like a bicycle that will take you comfortably on asphalt, forest, gravel and dirt roads, consider a hybrid for its wonderfully versatile applications.

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What is a hybrid bike?

If you're not already familiar with hybrids, we'll break down exactly what a hybrid bike is. The clue is in the name - a hybrid is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. Employing durable tyres and a sturdy yet sleek frame, they're suitable for general riding across many terrains.

Most hybrid bikes are used for commuting due to their upright position. Many riders find that a more upright posture on a bike makes you feel safer and more in control, which is ideal in busy traffic.

Whilst you may lose some speed and agility when you compare it to a road bike, it can be a lot more comfortable to ride a hybrid bike, especially for longer journeys.

Other features of hybrid bicycles include:

  • Wheel size varies but usually falls into the 26-inch format or 700c road-style format. The former is more suited to off-roading and the latter to road riding.
  • Brakes are generally V-type, and it's common to have hydraulic or mechanical disc brake systems.
  • Most hybrids will offer the rider wide-ranging cassettes and sometimes triple chainsets. This allows you to tackle hills and off-road riding.
  • Often the hybrids come with mudguards and pannier racks, or at least the eyelets to attach your own.
  • Many hybrid styles come with inbuilt bike stands, a handy feature for urban and rural riding.

Can you use hybrid bikes off road?

Yes! This is one of the main attractions of a hybrid bike — its versatility. Some hybrid bikes are fitted with a suspension fork or rear shocks, but others aren't. Take note of this when selecting your bike. If you plan to do a lot of off-road riding, you'll want a suitable hybrid. It's important to bear in mind that if you're intending to do some serious off-roading in variable weather conditions, a hybrid might not be the ideal choice.

However, a hybrid is the perfect choice for someone who wants to be able to ride on bumpy terrain as well as smooth roads. Yet they don't necessarily rival a mountain bike if you plan to do hours of extreme dirt tracks. A hybrid comes into its own because it offers the ability to mix the terrains you can ride on.

Here at Bikester, we've got a great selection of women's and men's hybrid bikes for you to browse. We even stock a range of electric hybrid bikes if you'd like the power of an e-bike mixed with the versatility of a hybrid.

Hybrids as touring bikes

Hybrid bicycles can be ideal touring bicycles. Their sturdy and strong designs, as well as the aforementioned features such as pannier racks and suspension, can make them the perfect touring partner.

If you enjoy exploring places that are off the beaten track, then Cube touring bikes are for you. Their rigorously tested frames are ideal for tours as they combine high-quality elements with all-weather usage possibilities. Features such as the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide stopping power in even the wettest conditions.

Serious touring bikes are another brilliant option if you're looking for men's or women's hybrid bikes. Their sleek and light aluminium frames are made for all types of riding situations, making them ideal for touring.

Ghost is a brand producing brilliant and reliable bikes for all sorts of usage. Consistent features across the board make all of their bikes fully suitable for a range of terrains and all-day riding.

Electric touring bikes

Electric bikes are also a great option to get all the benefits of a hybrid with the added convenience of added boosts up hills and on difficult terrains. Speed up your morning commute, or your cross-country jaunt, and add comfort to your ride.

Whatever type of hybrid bike you're interested in, Bikester has something for you. Browse our diverse range of bikes with their variable features to find something that suits your riding needs today.