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Keith Bontrager, former mountain bike and motorcycle racer, founded Bontrager in 1980 in Santa Cruz, California. Bontrager produces high quality components, bike accessories and apparel with uncompromising commitment to quality in the development of its products. The aim is to use the best materials and most modern manufacturing processes to develop products that improve the performance of every bike, leading to an unforgettable riding experience. Today, Bontrager and Trek not only work together in the same facility, but also test their products on the same trails and roads. This collaboration has resulted in Trek's bicycles being among the best in the world, thanks to their innovative bike technologies and Bontrager's high quality components, wheels and tyres.

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Bontrager Biking Gear

Driven by experience, quality and attention to detail, Bontrager continues to deliver biking gear including Bontrager wheels, Bontrager helmets, and Bontrager shoes to everyone's interests and needs around the globe. Bontrager integrates novel ideas and innovations that guarantee a better riding experience, both on and off the road.

If you are looking for elegant, comfortable and strong bike gear for your epic adventures, then you can never go wrong with Bontrager equipment.

What Makes Bontrager Helmets So Good?

Of all biking gear, the Bontrager cycling helmets have to be one of the most important and protective of them all. Bontrager helmets are designed to suit all needs, from mountain bikes to aerodynamic road biking needs. And even when you're looking for a stylish city bike helmet, Bontrager has got you covered.

So, what makes Bontrager helmets so special?

  • Bontrager replaces all crushed Bontrager helmets (within the first year of purchase)
  • WaveCel technology used in the making of Bontrager helmets absorbs force during impact, which keeps your head protected
  • Bontrager helmets have received a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech, which means they have one of the highest levels of protection for your head
  • Bontrager designs their helmets to be light without compromising on safety, with the Bontrager helmets giving you an added aerodynamic advantage

Why Go for Bontrager Tyres?

When considering the performance of a bike, the wheels come second after the frame. So, the Bontrager tyres are also pretty important in making your biking experience more meaningful. Bontrager wheels are the best since they offer variety. From the Bontrager selection of aerodynamic carbon road Bontrager wheels to mountain bike wheels, Bontrager have got it all.

By choosing Bontrager Wheels, you get:

  • The strongest and long-lasting carbon Bontrager wheels that are fit for use by professional bikers
  • Light-weight Bontrager wheels that factor in speed and safety, without compromising on your stability
  • The ability to adjust your Bontrager wheels volume, meaning you can lower pressures, for more traction and comfort in nearly all types of roads
  • Carbon Bontrager wheels come with a year warranty, meaning you can enjoy your ride by making your bike lighter and more comfortable

Take Your Biking to the Next Level With Bontrager Shoes.

Are you an adventurer who enjoys riding bikes and always has trouble finding the perfect shoes to match your needs? Look no further than Bontrager cycling shoes.

Bontrager shoes are one of a kind, with designs that enhance comfort. Bontrager shoes ensure you get the most out of your biking experience while facing the least trouble.

Attractive features of the Bontrager shoes include:

  • High-performance outsoles in your bontrager shoes give you ultimate comfort and traction in all kinds of terrain
  • You enjoy maximum power transfer from your foot to the bike when you use Bontrager shoes
  • inForm uppers designed for Bontrager shoes easily take the shape of your foot, meaning you can say goodbye to curly toes
  • Extra guard material on your Bontrager shoes that protects against abrasions and debris

Bontrager has maintained a leading position in producing biking gear, equipment and apparel all around the world. Bontrager employs well-tested technologies and designs that not only guarantee safety of our Bontrager wheels and Bontrager shoes but also ensure comfort as you traverse different regions.

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