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No matter which type of trail your prefer – smooth flow trails, blocky natural trails or those packed with elaborate North Shore features – you want to have fun. In any case, you'll only enjoy your ride if you can truly depend on your brakes. This means maximum braking power that's easy to control. Even after long descents and thousands of kilometres, you still want exactly the same feeling when you pull the lever. It's only then that you'll arrive at the bottom with a grin on your face. MAGURA brakes, the product of decades of refinement, guarantee you this. It's not without reason that MAGURA offers a tightness guarantee of five years on all brake levers and calipers/cylinders, provided they're exclusively equipped with MAGURA parts. Shred now, worry never!

Magura disc brakes

Magura rim brakes

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Magura Technologies


"Made in Germany" still holds true for many MAGURA parts. Many are made in the Swabian Alb, round the corner from MAGURA's headquarters in Bad Urach. This applies to all brake levers made from Carbotecture® and Carbotecture SL®. Carbotecture SL® consists of plastic reinforced with carbon – making the material extremely shock and tear resistant as well as very elastic. Parts made from this material are also extremely robust.

The perfect brake is the brake that's customised to your needs – only then can it reach its full potential. With the MT series, you have countless possibilities to tailor performance, ergonomics and colour. With the right combination of brake disc, pad and lever, you can build your very own brake!
Technology optimised for e-bikes

No doubt about it: e-bikes are fun - but they're also heavy. Going uphill takes less effort, but going downhill, the extra weight of the motor and battery put greater demands on you and your bike. So that you can easily take on these loads, MAGURA offers brakes optimised for e-bikes. ed.

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Production at Magura

The name MAGURA has long stood for absolute reliability, both on motorbikes and bicycles. Production in Germany in the Swabian Alb, with its headquarters in Bad Urach and factories in Hülben and Hengen enables seamless quality assurance. These short distances mean the brand can test and develop innovations in materials or production processes more efficiently. This is how Carbotecture® and Carbolay® came into being – materials other manufacturers can only dream of. These are carbon fibre-reinforced composites that combine maximum stiffness with enormous strength without any weight penalty. This isn't just plastic; it's the future!


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Magura: innovative bike components

At Bikester, we put unique top quality brands at your disposal so you can get the right value for your money. If you are a cycling enthusiast, you do not have to worry about spare parts and accessories, especially brakes. The incredible Magura hydraulic brakes are right on our vast menu to ensure your cycling experience is nothing but perfect. Even better, this brand comes along with a variety of other fantastic cycle products. Magura's products have been in existence, and many world cycling champions are proud customers. Did you know that this brand's products were in use in the 1966 Olympics games? Well, that’s how far back their experience extends.

Magura brakes

What Magura Products are on Bikester

If you are looking for Magura’s products, Bikester is the perfect place for you. We offer you some of the best yet affordable products by this exceptional brand. Some of their products on our menu include the following:

Clothing: Magura offers a collection of impressive streetwear that you will undoubtedly love. For instance, their signature yellow sweatband is a priceless piece of germ if you are a true cyclist.

Accessories: they also have great bicycle pumps, navigation & computer gadgets, and repairs & maintenance items.

Parts: Magura brakes are the highlight of this brand, but they also offer quality e-bike parts and seat posts.

Why We Recommend Magura Brakes

Magura signature brakes are recognized worldwide and are considered among the best you can ever buy. At Bikerest, we present you two types of Magura brakes, the rim, and the disc brakes. Both are high-quality products, but you can always choose according to your preference. While rim brakes work by applying force on the wheel's outer edge, disc ones focus the pressure on small rotors located at the center of the wheel.

We recommend Magura brake sets on account of the following outstanding features:

  • High Quality

Magura brakes appear on top of the list of the best braking system you can ever acquire. They are characterized not only by long service life but also good performance. They have featured in the world's top cycling competitions, and their break out was in the 1966 Olympics when Bart Brentiens bagged the gold medal. Magura brakes contributed to this and many other victories in top competitions.

  • Durability

Most brakes have a short service life, but a Magura brake set guarantees you a long cycling experience. They are carved out of the best materials and optimized to withstand even the roughest of terrains. The brake rubber is fortified with soft compound blocks that offer not only an extended lifespan but also greater stopping power. The pieces are built to handle both dry and wet weather.

  • Affordable Costs

In most cases, quality is directly proportional to cost; the higher the cost, the better the quality. However, this does not apply to our Magura brake systems. They are not only affordable but are also of high quality. Even better, at Bikester, we offer incredible discounts for most of Magura cycle parts, including brakes.

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