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Road bike saddles: permanently pain-free & comfortable
New bikes come with saddles, though it's rarely the right one. You may not notice whether it fits you perfectly straight away, and your body needs some time to get used to it. If you regularly experience pain or numbness, it's likely the saddle. If you were comfortable on the saddle of your previous road bike, fit it to your new one. For everyone else, we have a large selection of road bike saddles available in our shop. For a mostly stretched-out upper body position on the road bike, where the load is less on the sit bones and more on the pubis and hands, narrow, elongated, hard saddles with a slightly wider surface at the front are ideal. For a more upright position, slightly wider and softer saddles can be a comfortable solution. In addition, recesses in the middle of saddles can provide relief. Many riders now go for a short-nosed saddle for an aggressive position.

Road Saddles

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Cube RFR Race Saddle black
Cube RFR Race Saddle black
Cube RFR
Race Saddle black

Road Bike Saddles

For avid bikers, a proper saddle is a must. The saddle is often the first thing to get blamed for many issues, but it can also affect the enjoyment of a ride whether just for fun or as part of a competition. With that in mind, it's worth the time and effort it takes to find perfect road bike saddles.

 Road Bike Saddles

That said, it can be hard to choose. There are a number of different factors to consider when selecting a road bike seat. These include gender, type of biking, the way you ride, and more. So, learning how to pick a road bike saddle is a necessity.

Here at Bikester, we have a massive selection of road bike saddles for you to choose from.

Built for speed

Depending on the type of riding you are doing, you need to carefully consider the shape and style of the saddle. If you are wanting to go fast, then a racing-style saddle is a must. These are thinner in order to allow a wider range of movement and at the same time prevent chafing between the legs. On top of that, this type of saddle actually tilts forward slightly so that there is more weight distributed onto your feet and hands rather than on your seat.

Cube road saddles of this type are a little bit harder as well as thinner and lighter, especially when compared to mountain bike saddles, which tend to come with some padding.

Softer Might be Better

If you're riding for comfort, then a softer saddle more along the lines of MTB saddles is the way to go. Comfort saddles are wider and have a whole lot more padding in place. This means they are great for longer touring and will even absorb some of the shocks from rougher roads. Women-specific saddles also tend to fall into this section as they often have a shorter nose and are wider at the back to provide more support.

Take your gender into consideration

Selle Italia road saddles do just that. The Diva Gel Flow saddle is designed specifically for women. Rather than keeping a wider seat though, this saddle offers a thinner look but still provides much-needed shock absorption. It also has good flexibility at the front ensuring it can be used for longer distances.

Similarly, the Deva WTB road saddles also fit well to the female form. Unlike the Selle Italia seat, this saddle has a short nose, generous padding and a flat profile. This makes it a great choice for easy jumping and provides space for better positioning for more active riding. While technically aimed at women, this is also a great option for men too.

Biking Extras

Once you've found the perfect saddle, you can spice it up and keep it protected using various different saddle covers. It can also be a good idea to check out road seatposts to make sure your new saddle is attached to your bike properly. A good seatpost can also provide some added protection by taking on and absorbing unwanted vibrations before they even reach the seat.

Take a look at all our bike saddle options here at Bikester.