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Puky Wutsch Wheel Kids kiwi

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Product description

Puky Wutsch Wheel Kids kiwi (kiwi)

The PUKY WUTSCH mobilizes driving beginners - also outdoors.
The front swing axle of the PUKY WUTSCH allows a flat steering angle and stabilizes the vehicle with smaller obstacles. Children from the age of 1 ½, who can already walk safely, also have the opportunity to safely move on less level surfaces. The PUKY WUTSCH also promotes the further development of the sense of balance through the swinging front axle and is thus the logical follow-on vehicle of the PUKYlino.

My first PUKY
"If only everything was as easy later on, as the introduction to child mobility with a well designed ride-on vehicle:
All PUKY ride-on vehicles are designed so that small children who can already sit or walk can intuitively use them to move about, further developing their motor skills as a result. Simple movements, such as strongly pushing off from the ground, are combined into complex processes - which is clearly very enjoyable. Especially the enjoyment of movement - and that is very important. It is only through movement that the basic senses of your child can develop and form a good foundation for successful learning.

Ergonomic seat with carrying handle and knee pan
The ergonomic seat of the WUTSCH provides a central midpoint and supports the child's running movements. The structured surface ensures a secure hold. The integrated handle of the WUTSCH facilitates some carrying passage which can occur during outdoor use. The knee pan allows a secondary function in use and is preferred by older children, who support themselves with the lower leg on the seat, rather than sit down.

Safety grips
Safety and child friendliness are key points of all PUKY vehicles. So PUKY was the first manufacturer who built special safety handlebar grips with large baffles. These protect hands against injuries when an accident happens or when the child should fall on the handlebar. At the same time, the safety handlebar prevent unwanted lateral slipping. The grip surface provides good grip and the small diameter is suitable for children's hands and allows a complete gripping.

Steering angle limiter
The vehicles of the "My first PUKY" series have a limitation of the steering angle, because they should have a stable stand. This strengthens, especially for beginners, the confidence in the first driving attempts. As higher speeds cannot be achieved here due to the design, such a limitation does not represent any risk of injury in the event of falls.

Float - quiet wheels
The plastic wheels with the float rubber coating make the vehicle extremely quiet for indoor use and offer the best grip.

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At a glance

recommended age
recommended age
1½ +
Recommended body size
Recommended body size
80 cm


First Rides
Main Information
Ride-on vehicle
recommended age:
1½ +
Recommended body size:
80 cm
Carying capacity:
20.00 kg
Ergonomically moulded seat with carrying handle
Plastic / hard rubber wheels
Quiet FLOAT wheels
Without brakes
Safety handlebar grips
Without gear system
Scope of Delivery
Content / delivery size:
1 Puky Wuch
Dimensions (cm):
58 x 28 x 24 cm
2.40 kg
Model Year
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Puky Wutsch Wheel Kids kiwi kiwi
Puky Wutsch
Translated from the German To the original
Delivery was quick, goods flawless.
Puky Wutsch Wheel Kids kiwi kiwi
Translated from the Spanish To the original
My son loves it. It has been with her for 8 months and it is of good quality

The assessment comes from the last year model (which shares the same name) which features nearly identical specifications.

Puky Wutsch Wheel Kids kiwi kiwi
Don't recommend it
Bought it after a big research and it was very promising but the true is it's too small for my 18 months old. It's very hard for her to use it and after a long time of attempts to drive it prefer to leave it. So disappointed to watch her torturing. Her legs are going under the back wheels, the seat is a very poor quality - so slippery,it's so low. Bad designed. Waste of money and shame for the company. Similar ride on could be found on the half of the price but I chose it because of the reputation of Puky.