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Getting a soaking wet or muddy bum, legs and back quickly takes the fun out of cycling. Mudguards are available for basically every type of bike and cycling, so why suffer unnecessarily? This category has MTB mudguards that will cover wider tyres, and fit on bikes with front and rear suspension. There are clip-on mudguards for easy installation and models that are fitted with straps or elastic. We've got models to suit most MTBs. Browse our selection via subcategory today.

MTB Mudguards

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Mountain Bike Mudguards to Keep You Dry

Mountain Bike Mudguards

You may not plan on letting a little rain and mud stop you from hitting the trails. But unless you have a proper set of mudguards on your mountain bike, you’re likely to get much more of a soaking than you bargained for.

Why Use Mudguards on Your Mountain Bike?

Mountain bike mudguards play an essential role in keeping you dry when the trailgets wet. Just by adding a barrier over your front and rear wheels, you can prevent a ton of water and mud from being thrown up at you and your bike.This has a surprising number of benefits. First, it means you won’t get wet – andthen very soon after, cold – while riding in the autumn and winter months. Mudguards also help protect your equipment, like lights, the phone in your jersey’s back pocket, and your bike computer, from being inundated with moisture. If you’re riding in a group, you can be certain that the riders behind you will be veryhappy that your bike is equipped with mudguards.

Choosing the Right Mudguards for Your Bike

When it comes to buying mudguards, any guards at all are far better than none on wet trails. But, there are still some important things to think about in order to get the most effective shields for your bike.

Front and Rear Mudguards

Most mountain bikers will want to invest in both front and rear mudguards. Bothwheels can send spray at your body, so having just one guard isn’t all that helpful. You can buy front and rear mudguards individually, although many manufacturers also sell them as a set. If you do buy separately, your front and rear guards don’t have to be the same style.Note that you can also get a guard for your bike’s downtube. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it can help keep you dry if the trails are really wet and muddy.


Mudguards come in a couple of different styles, but they all achieve more or less the same goal. You can buy classic mudguards that are typically long pieces of plastic that sit directly over your bike wheel. Depending on the model, these may attach permanently to your bike’s frame using hardware or zip ties, or they may simply clip on to the head tube or seatpost for easy on and off. Some mudguards are long enough to cover the entire top portion of your wheel, while others are more minimal and cover only the area of maximum spray.Other mudguards look more like a shield – they’re flat and sit just over the wheel. These mountain bike mudguards won’t give you as much protection from water and mud, but they are inexpensive and less likely to get clogged with mud than those that cover more of your wheel.

Wheel Size

Don’t forget to make sure that a mudguard is compatible with your bike wheels – most are designed to work with specific wheel diameters. Most modern mountainbike mudguards work with any 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels.

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The best way to get your bike ready for the coming wet season is to shop our wideselection of mountain bike mudguards at We carry more than 200 front and rear models to help keep you dry no matter what conditions are like on the trail.