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Kryptonite bike locks

Every cyclist knows that when it comes to enjoying two-wheel transportation, safety and security is also key. With a Kryptonite bike lock, you have a lock that gives your bike the protection it needs and you maximum peace of mind. Reliable and safe, Kryptonite’s innovative and resistant locks are available in a range of models and sizes that are designed to fit many different bikes.

Kryptonite bike locks

Smart security solutions you can count on

With over 45 years in bike security, you can be sure that Kryptonite bike locks will provide your bike with the best protection. The first U-lock revolutionised the bike world when it was invented by Michael Zane in 1971. This U-lock would later become known as the Kryptonite. The U-lock was tested in the street by Zane, who left a bike attached to a post in Greenwich village, New York. The bike was stripped of all removable parts, but the bike itself (and the lock) remained for 30 days – despite the lock being attacked by thieves several times.

In a city where some 100,000 city bikes were stolen each year, New York was the perfect testing ground for Zane’s lock innovations. Thus the New York Lock was born, the company’s flagship lock. In 2001, Kryptonite launched its Key Safe Program, which allows riders to register their keys so that if they lose them, Kryptonite will replace the first two keys for free. To this day, Kryptonite continues to battle with new security compromises, constantly reengineering new models to meet the demands of their customers. In 2014, they introduced the Messenger Collection that was based on three key requirements of the messenger community:

  • Flexibility and fit – locks that maximise the number of places the bike can be locked up.
  • Durability – keys that do not break.
  • One lock solution - the ability to secure a bike with just one lock.
Kryptonite also manufactures accessories that include bike lights and wheel security solutions.

Protect your bike with Kryptonite

Reliable and safe, a good Kryptonite padlock helps you protect your bike. Easy to use and available in a selection of models and colours, the locks are also designed to fit well with the style of your bike. On the website, you will find a range of different locks that suit your security needs, including cable locks, padlocks and chain locks.

The Kryptonite U locks focus on resistance, with a good balance between security, practicality and price. U locks provide the most security and are the best way to protect your bike. In addition, cable locks offer great additional protection to your bike. Thefts often involve forcing the wheel of the bike, but thanks to the cable locks, this is extremely difficult and as the chain is covered with plastic, the bike does not suffer any damage or friction.