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Shock Bike Pumps

There are a number of different accessories that you need to have when you are getting serious with your biking. Depending on the type of shocks you have on your bike, you're going to need a shock pump at some point.

 Shock Bike Pumps

But, what is a bike shock pump? Bike shock pump is for adjusting the pressure of the air inside the suspension. This is very important to do if you want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, making sure that your suspension is set up correctly is one of the most important things when looking to get the best performance out of your bike.

With that in mind, we have a range of different shock pumps and bike pump accessories available here at Bikester.

Digitally correct

When you get ready to check the air pressure in your shocks, you need to make sure that the reading you are getting is accurate. If you're adjusting the pressure and the gauge is off, then the performance of your bike will suffer.

Our range of Red Cycling Products and Rockshox shock pumps includes the RCP ShockMaster Digital Pro pump and the Rockshox Digital Suspension Fork pump. These come with a digital display allowing precise, accurate readings to be taken. In turn, this then allows you to make the best adjustment to your springs. Both can go up to 300PSI as well. Better yet, the displays can switch between both PSI and BAR depending on which one you prefer. Both use easily replaceable batteries.

Old-school gauge

If digital is not your thing, we have several other pumps available that use a standard analogue gauge. Rockshox has several options, and these provide accurate information up to 40 BAR maximum pressure and can attach via a car value.

Another of our Red Cycling Products shock pumps also offers a gauge rather than a digital display. This means that it works simply through the pressure it reads. This pump is also tough, durable, and lightweight, thanks to the aluminum frame it's made from. Also, there's a micro-adjustable air control button that can get exact pressure adjustments that are accurate to 3 PSI. Additionally, it comes with a valve preventing pressure loss when the shock is unscrewed. All this is well sealed with a non-scratch rubber sealing system.

Jack of all trades

Our full range of shock pumps includes perfect models for use on tires, shocks and suspension forks. Please take a look at the range of Cube, Fox and Topeak shock pumps we have on offer. The Topeak Shock N Roll suspension pump has adjustable pressure selectors for both low and high pressures. There's an option to regulate the pressure with the air release button. This pump's added bonus is that it can also measure tire pressure by using a 2-stage pumping system and a hose.

All of the pumps mentioned so far are handheld pumps, but there are options for floor pumps, which give a faster, more stable way of taking the pressure. However, when out on a ride, a handheld pump is quick and convenient and will get you up and running in no time.