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CUBE Acid - A touring hardtail par excellence
Are you looking for a hardtail that'll tackle longer tours and trails, whilst also feeling comfortable on the road? Well, here it is! With the Acid series, CUBE has launched a great all-rounder that cuts a fine figure both on and off-road. Its propulsion-designed 6061 aluminium frame combined with performance-oriented components offers everything off-road fans need. Whether you choose the 27.5", the 29" or the electrically supported hybrid version - the CUBE Acid is fun for everyone!​

Cube Acid

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Cube Acid

Do you want your bike to be as adaptable as you are? The ACID Mudguard Set is the perfect companion to protect you from the elements. It's make, allows it to fit in most mountain bikes with a maximal tyre width of 2.35in and includes elegant and functional touches such as glittering icon accents, the ACID adapter system, and an integrated light cable guidance.

Furthermore, in adverse weather, high-speed trails can get quite filthy. That's why the brand created the ACID Mud Shield. It keeps the spray away from your face, allowing you to focus on what is important: You can shred all you want. Also, it bolts on swiftly and effortlessly and comes off just as readily. The Mud Shield's expanded wings with rubber padding shield your fork from scratches and mud.

Features of cube acid mudguards

The ACID Mudguard Set has the following features:

  • It fits the most mountain bikes of 27.5 inches
  • Maximum tire width: 2.35"
  • FEM optimized design and it has ACID adapter system
  • It comes with the Integrated light cable guide
  • Also, ACID rear light integration is supported.
  • Set includes knurled stays.

The mudguards are to work with the ACID rear light integration. ST-Mount: The mudguard is attach to the seat tube using the adapter.

Turn every bike into an all rounder with Acid mudguards

The ACID Mudguard Set transforms your mountain bike into a fantastic all-rounder! The set is suitable for most mountain bikes with a maximal tyre width. These can mount precisely in no time thanks to the specific adapter solutions for CUBE mountain bikes and practical lock indications for CUBE frames from model year 2019. The torsion-resistant profile design makes it extremely strong. Furthermore, the mudguards match wonderfully with ACID pannier racks. The struts are also inclusive.

Is it worthwhile to invest in mud guards?

Mudguards keep you — and your bike — dry on wet roads by preventing a constant muddy spray from your tyres. Even if you ride through the rain, you will only be half as wet because you will not be wet from below as well as above. Furthermore, your pricey apparel remains clean (er).

Mud flaps, as the title suggests, are to keep dirt and mud thrown up from the road from dropping all over your vehicle. They safeguard your automobile. Splash guards also safeguard your automobile from the scratches, dings, and corrosion caused by rocks, ice, and salt on the road throughout the winter.