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Cube Touring
Whether for demanding everyday use or lengthy weekend tours - with CUBE's touring models you're ready for any adventure. High riding comfort, top quality materials  and innovative production methods make their Touring series the perfect companion for longer trips. Touring fans can choose between their classic or electrically assisted versions, different frame shapes and different components. What all models have in common though is their traffic-ready equipment and unbeatable ride feel.​

Cube Touring

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Cube Touring

About Cube

The brand Cube is an interesting German bike maker that produces a variety of hardtail and full-suspension bikes. These bikes are also available in a variety of styles, including Cube tour bikes, endurance cycles, and sport bikes. What's particularly appealing about this brand is that their prices are frequently lower than those of other brands, which makes them ideal for those of you on a tight budget.

cube touring bikes

For many years, the Cube Touring Series bikes have ranked first in customer satisfaction. This series' quality and endurance are almost unquestionable. With a wide range of equipment options, frame forms, colors, and sizes, the series has a bike for every scenario.

Ideal choice for tours and treks

The light and sturdy double-butted aluminum superlite trekking comfortable frame acts as the foundation, and its Optimal Comfort shape expertly mixes convenience and sportiness. The smooth-running wheels and equipped Shimano derailleur gears with a wide transmission ratio spectrum allow for long-distance riding without tiredness. The premium attachments also assure that luggage is correctly carried and that no re-fitting with accessories is required. The days of trailing mudguards and boots are over. These motorcycles are roadworthy and meet all the stringent German road traffic standards. All the bikes in the series are available in both men's and women's sizes, and easy entry-level models. Due to thin aluminum frame sets and the new painting, all models look sporty and stylish. The next big tour may arrive properly equipped, secure, and comfy.

Cube Frames

One of this brand's distinguishing characteristics is its revolutionary technology. This is the Aerium innovation for the bike's carbon frame. It has excellent aerodynamics and is ideal for anyone planning a prolonged tour or competing in triathlons. Since the frame is lightweight, you can simply pick it up.

The bikes are built with Efficient Comfort Geometry, which allows you to sit naturally, which is ideal for ease and convenience on both long and short rides. Don't forget that we have a variety of frame sizes, so ensure you measure up to get the proper bike for your height.

Tour in style and comfort

If we explore Cube's tour and road bikes, we can see that there is a lot to choose from. So, if you intend to travel long distances, these bikes are an excellent choice. Even better, the stylish frames allow you to ride at high speeds while being comfortable. Depending on the type, these bikes can also have disc brakes, which implies they can function in a wide range of weather situations, allowing you to cycle securely even if you get stuck in the rain.