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Garmin Forerunner - For Runners
Every runner is different - this is a key consideration when Garmin designs their running watches. From the easy-to-use GPS training partner to the highly functional multisport expert with advanced performance and much more, Garmin has a watch that's right for your level, your needs and your interests. Just ask yourself: what's the goal for my next workout?

Garmin Forerunner

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Garmin Forerunner

For the last two decades, Garmin forerunner has proven to be an indispensable companion for cyclists. Garmin Forerunner smartwatches not only help you navigate treacherous mountain trails but also keeps track of your performance data such as heart rate, quality of sleep, and quality of oxygen. Bikester brings you the Garmin Forerunner series each with different features to suit every cyclist needs.

Why choose Garmin Forerunner

As a biking companion, Garmin comes with the following features;

  • Garmin Connect app and community
  • Battery life of up to 9 days when on smartwatch mode
  • Free adaptive training plans
  • Smart notifications

How Garmin Forerunner helps you exceed your training goals

Garmin forerunner is undeniably the most feature-packed smartwatch. With each new addition to the series comes more features. Here is what Garmin Forerunner has to offer;

Advanced music features

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is the ideal smartwatch for you if you love music while cycling. The device not only plays you music but lets you create a playlist from streaming services such as Spotify. In addition, you can store around 500 of your best tracks.

Personal trainer

By evaluating your workout history and performance metrics, Garmin Forerunner lets you know whether you are productive enough, peaking, or overreaching. The device also lets you know how workouts influence your endurance, speed and power and with training feedback.

Stay connected while out biking

Garmin helps you stay connected by allowing you to see your text messages, emails, and social media updates.

Built-in incident detection

Garmin allows you to easily share your location with selected contacts in case you need assistance. With the built-in incident detection, when a sudden drop in your heart rate is detected, Garmin Forerunner will directly contact an emergency contact.

Advanced sleep monitoring

By evaluating your well-being and how much sleep you are getting, Garmin Forerunner gives you the relevant insights you need for your training. Using tools such as Pulse OX Sensor, you will have an estimation of how much oxygen your body is absorbing. It also keeps tabs on your movements during different stages of your sleep.

Wellness monitoring

Forerunner monitors your all-day stress levels and helps you through guided relaxation breathing. Through this guided breathing, you can calm your body and mind. Moreover, the device helps you optimize your body's energy through Body Battery energy monitoring. This is done by using collected data to estimate your energy reserves.