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Marzocchi Bomber Z1

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Marzocchi Bomber Z1

About the brand

Marzocchi is at present the brand of FOX. Also it has its headquarters in Scotts Valley, CA, USA. Marzocchi shocks and forks have deep roots in the basis of superior MTB suspension. Thus, allowing you to ride for extended periods of time with minimum maintenance. Moreover, Marzocchi products are perfect for surviving in some of the most extreme riding situations. However, these goods have a limited lifespan and may degrade with time, necessitating care to maximize performance and functionality.

marzocchi bomber z1 features and performance

The Bomber Z1 is a rough, hard-hitting fork especially for people who want excellent performance at a reasonable price. And suitable for those who don't worry about the weight and a plethora of adjustment options. The Z1 represents defiance of the current quo. Step away from enduro's fixation with timing and go have some adventure in the woods.

Rise and latest version

The Marzocchi Bomber Z1, first produced in 1997, comes to the solitary trails with iconic ride quality and a contemporary chassis, not only in the EVOL air suspension variant, but also in a coil variant with a particularly toughened, very light silicon-chrome steel spring. Topcap allows the coil preload to adjust, allowing the negative suspension travel (SAG) to be exactly match to the rider's mass. The Air Assist System offers a gradual characteristic curve and puncture safety, while an advanced spring guide system enables for noiseless suspension. The GRIP system, that has already tried on the EVOL version, provides damping and enables compression and rebound to be modified.

Features and performance

Furthermore, the Z1 is a powerful all-mountain and enduro fork with a unique perspective on riders' objectives. Everybody wants suspension efficiency that is as soft as butter, with excellent grip and control, and the Z1 excels in this area. Following that, the Z1 deviates from industry norms. More time messing with settings equals less time shredding trails. The Z1 keeps things simple by allowing you to alter the compressive sweep from locked out to fully open. Simple rebound adjustments covers a variety of rider weights and preferences from quick to slow rebound sans overcomplicating things. Furthermore, it is oriented toward firmness, riding performance, and longevity, so you won't notice the extra grams since you're having a good time.

FIT GRIP damping system

GRIP Sweep is a strong close cartridge damper that can recirculate and expel a unique bath fluid to ensure constant cartridge fill and dampening perform over time. Sweep lever compress adjustment spans from opening to lockout.