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BMX & dirt jump tyres – robust enough for any trick
BMX and dirt jump tyres must be able to take serious punishment. Very few riders pull off every landing on the first try, and some tricks are very tough on materials, even when perfectly executed. So they can handle the stresses of these styles of biking, these tyres are equipped with particularly tough carcasses. The tread pattern is generally less pronounced than on comparably-robust MTB downhill tyres. After all, these agile little bikes are mostly used in the city, on the compact soil of pump tracks or the skate park with its artificial obstacles. A relatively round cross-section and high air pressure mean even rolling behaviour and facilitate tricks and jumps.

Dirt & BMX Tyres

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BMX & Dirt Tyres — Ride Your Own Way

Here at Bikester, we aren't just bike lovers, we're bike experts. And one of the things we know about is tyres. We bring you the best selection of tyres from all the best makes out there. We know that to achieve outstanding performance your bike needs to be equipped with high-quality tyres. Through suitable tyres, the rider can be guaranteed the balance, speed, traction and safety required for these demanding sports.

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Your tyres must be able to take a hit again and again. Every rider knows that pulling off tricks and jumps requires sturdy tyres with tough tread.

Here at Bikester, we bring you a carefully curated selection of BMX tyres and Dirt Bike tyres that will take your ride to the next level.

BMX tyres

When considering which new tyres to purchase for your trusty mountain bike, it's key to note whether you want folding or non-folding ones. The tyre thickness and type of rubber compound used will also affect the quality of your ride.

If you'll be mostly on dirt tracks and jumps you'll require tyres with extra-tough carcasses. Whereas, if you plan to be using your bike mostly in skateparks and urban settings, less tread can be useful for agility. A round cross-section teamed with full air pressure will allow you to hit the skatepark in style.

Mountain bike and dirt tyres

Dirt bike and MTB tyres are integral to your bike's overall performance. Whether you opt for clincher or folding tyres it's essential to note the diameter and rim size of your wheels. The detailed size guide on our Bikester site will help you if you've got any queries as to which size tyres you require.

Optimised for control and concise braking, many tyres have been endlessly tested by MTB and dirt riders to ensure they're up to the task! Options such as puncture-resistant and puncture-proof tyres can be a wonderful choice if you're fed up with repairing punctures en-route.

Tubeless tyres are another time-saving solution for riders who want less hassle and more riding time. Riders of dirt bikes and MTBs often prefer tubeless tyres as they can run at much lower pressure and are less prone to deflation. Tubeless tyres hold huge advantages for dirt and gravel riders due to their durability. Many road bike riders also opt for them as they roll exceptionally well on the street too.

Road tyres

Weight and grip are two main concerns when choosing the right road bike tyres. A balance between lightweight tyres that are also extremely grippy on wet and uneven streets is essential for performance. Many modern road and racer tyres have high levels of puncture resistance and strength whilst also keeping your whole set-up agile and light.

We offer you great options from a whole host of well-respected brands such as Schwalbe, Michelin and Continental. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by choice, yet we've broken everything down into categories depending on your specific requirements, making it easier to browse and purchase the perfect set.

If you're after tyres that are specifically designed for exercise bike use, you'll also find a selection on Bikester that are fit for purpose. They're designed to be quieter than regular tyres. Furthermore, the rubber compound minimises the risk of overheating and slipping whilst reducing wear.


So you've chosen your new tyres, now it's time to check whether you need anything else. With an extensive selection of hubs, saddles, frames, forks and much more, we've got every aspect of your bike covered here at Bikester. Whether you're building a new bike from scratch, or you just want to upgrade your current set-up, we've got something for you. Browse our full range today and don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our customer service team if you have any queries.