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RockShox Sid Ultimate Race Day Suspension Fork 29" Boost 120mm 44mm DebonAir Tapered glossy blue

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Unfortunately the desired product is currently sold out

Product description

RockShox Sid Ultimate Race Day Suspension Fork 29" Boost 120mm 44mm DebonAir Tapered glossy blue (glossy blue)

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When you ride the SID Ultimate, you realise that we've thought of every detail. A completely new chassis and the also new, lightest Charger Race Day damping are a perfect pairing. Perfectly tuned for the speed requirements of cross-country.

Bottomless Tokens
Bottomless spacers allow riders to customise the air spring performance of their RockShox suspension fork to suit their own riding style and preferred suspension. The easy-to-mount Bottomless Spacers change the air spring characteristics to prevent bottoming out after a big bump. Aggressive riders can thus attack harder on a track. Removing the bottomless spacers results in a more linear air spring characteristic, which increases damping for certain types of terrain or track conditions and ensures that less aggressive riders can use 100% of the suspension travel.

It's okay to be soft. The DebonAir is not ashamed to give way at the slightest bump. In fact, it makes Monarch and Monarch Plus shocks softer than ever right from the start. You may think of this as a weakness until you take to the trail with the DebonAir. There will be a seamless connection between your bike and the terrain, because your DebonAir-equipped shock will swallow every single shock without affecting your body. With such smooth hits, you can go full throttle even more.

Sag Gradients
If you don't adjust your damping properly, you might as well be riding someone else's bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to keep adjusting the suspension? The damping markings are printed directly onto the standpipes of the suspension fork and the shock housing for easy and accurate setup of the perfect suspension. So you can give the plastic clip and ruler back to your mum.

BOOST is a new wheel and drivetrain specification that offers improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension, a greater number of chainring options, more clearance for wider tyres and increased wheel stiffness and robustness.

Maxima Plush Fluid
The best suspension needs the best oil. Developed with the fastest riders and on the toughest trails in the world, Maxima Plush is made to reduce suspension wear, friction and shock noise and feel the same in all temperatures.

SKF wiper seals
Minimise friction! Keep dirt out! Everyone likes good teamwork! So does RockShox, which is why they've been working with SKF, maker of the world's best seals, for five years. Together they can offer ultra-low friction wiper seals, for less arm-pump and unparalleled suspension feel, while always keeping the dirt where it belongs. Not in our forks!

Charger Race Day Damping
The lightest stock damping ever. Built with an absolute lockout to fly up climbs and leave everyone standing in the finish sprint.


  • new 35 mm chassis is the perfect blend of light weight and stiffness for the modern XC bike
  • new Charger Race Day damper - lightest production damper with rock solid lockout
  • new DebonAir air spring is specifically designed to meet the requirements of XC and provides a higher ride height for greater confidence and control
  • New SKF ultra-low friction wiper seals provide long-lasting fork performance and improve overall suspension feel
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and dampens damper noise
  • 2-brackets for short fenders
  • Min. / Max. Brake disc size: 180 / 220mm
  • Max. Tire width: 66 mm
  • Offset: 44 mm
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At a glance

Suspension fork travel
Suspension fork travel
120 mm
Wheel Size (in)
Wheel Size (in)
Fork Shaft Diameter
Fork Shaft Diameter
1 1/8, 1,5
Axle diameter
Axle diameter
Front Hub Spacing
Front Hub Spacing
110 mm
Brake Type
Brake Type
Disc (Post Mount)


Marathon / XC
Rebound adjustable, Suitable for tapered head tubes
Suspension Fork
Wheel Size (in):
Fork Shaft Diameter:
1 1/8, 1,5
Axle type:
Full-floating axle
Axle diameter:
Front Hub Spacing:
110 mm
Suspension fork travel:
120 mm
Suspension System
Brake Mount
Brake Type:
Disc (Post Mount)
Stanchion Tube:
Fork Tube:
Fork Shaft:
1,537.00 g
Model Year
Article number
Manufacturer article number

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