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Sports Towels & Bathrobes
On multi-day trekking tours through untouched landscapes sometimes you come across a beautiful lake or river and you just have to jump in for a swim or even an evening wash! If you can't hang around to dry after your dip, you can use a travel towel. Microfibre towels are perfect for this, they can be packed up small, can absorb a lot of moisture, are very soft, is often antibacterial and it dries very quickly. This category also includes big swim towels for days at the beach as well as towel-robes for swimming events where you are in and out of the water, or just around the house!

Sports Towels & Bathrobes

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CAMPZ Dry Robe L black
CAMPZ Dry Robe L black black
Dry Robe L black
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arena Core Soft Bathrobe pale-rose white
arena Core Soft Bathrobe pale-rose white pale-rose white
Core Soft Bathrobe pale-rose white
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arena Zeal Plus Bathrobe pink-white
arena Zeal Plus Bathrobe pink-white pink-white
Zeal Plus Bathrobe pink-white
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Sports towels & bathrobes

Discover the collection of quick-drying sports towels and sports bathrobes, available from leading swimwear and sports brands such as Arena and Speedo. Our products are designed with your comfort and style in mind, so browse through our extensive range today and complete your collection with these highly absorbent and super soft sports towels and bathrobes. Whether you are training for a triathlon, competing in a race or you are simply looking to complete your beach look, you will find everything you need on the website.

Sports bathrobes

Hit the beach or the pool with the right sports towels and bathrobes

A good quality sports bathrobe is a must for anyone who enjoys leisure activities by the beach or pool, as well as at the gym or even simply relaxing at home in comfort. Made from quick-drying materials, the right sports bathrobe will warm you up while you are out in cold conditions and is ideal for protecting your dignity if you need to get changed out in public! They can be thrown on after a tough workout and offer another level of comfort when you are relaxing around the house. Wrap yourself up after you have done a swim or had a session in the sauna to make sure that you don’t catch a chill, or pop it on when you are strolling from the changing room to the poolside. Whatever you need it for, its absorbent, quick drying and breathable material makes it the perfect item to help you to warm down after exercising or to warm up in cold conditions.

The sports towel is the ideal and practical accessory for any sports and leisure enthusiast. Specially developed for swimmers, divers and athletes of all levels, they are engineered with fast drying super-absorbent characteristics that can get you dry as quickly as possible. Whether you are heading to the pool or for a session at the gym, cycling, or taking part in water-based activities at the beach, a lightweight, absorbent and quick-drying towel will enhance your experience. Use it to wipe off perspiration after a sweaty workout or to dry off after being in the pool, you can even use it to relax by lying down on it.

Bathrobes and towels for everyday use that won’t let you down

Discover the collection of sports towels and sports bathrobes. We partner with some of the world’s leading sports brands to provide you with the best possible choice. Our range of sports bathrobes come in all your favourite colours, and are crafted from super-absorbent and quick-drying materials that are soft to touch and extremely comfortable to wear. Wrap up in style at the pool or gym and stay cosy while relaxing wherever you are – no matter what the conditions. Similarly, our range of premium sports towels, manufactured from 100% cotton, are the perfect addition to your kit, highly absorbent yet gentle on the skin, quick drying and durable enough to withstand multiple washes.