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Swimming Backpacks & Bags
Swimming requires a lot of gear, and after your swim, that gear is soaking wet. Swim bags have separate, waterproof compartments to organise your gear for easy access and keep wet and dry clothes separate. This category also has swim bags; these are inflatable dry bags that work both as a buoyancy aid and as a bag to keep your essentials in, most are also high-vis, so if you are in open water, you will be easy to spot.

Swimming Backpacks & Bags

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On, we supply a comprehensive selection of swimming backpacks and swimming bags that are specially designed to hold your items securely, with special compartments to keep your wet and dry items separate and plenty of space to fit everything from your shoes and clothing to those all-important gels and nutrients, and even your helmet, if need be! Put yourself out front and reach your peak performance with the right bag at hand.

Swimming backpacks

Improve your overall performance with the right swim bag

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, because of the different disciplines - running, cycling and swimming - you will need to carry a lot of gear around with you. Having the right swim bag means that not only can you transport everything easily and comfortably, you are also organised and ready for the task ahead of you.

Having a good bag to help you transport things around is key to having a more streamlined and enjoyable experience, as well as a smoother transition between the different stages. Bags that have been specifically engineered to hold all your gear, such as a swimming backpack or swim bags, can make things easier and provide the support you need when you need it most – particularly when you are transitioning between the different stages. These bags are designed to hold and protect all of your different items, including electronic items, swimwear and caps, clothing and shoes, smaller accessories and gels and nutrients. With the right bag, you can make sure that all of your things are protected from any moisture or water, and that they are also organised the way you want them to be, which is especially important when you are transitioning between the different legs.

Swimming bags that are used for triathlons are typically made with different compartments as well as a special wet-pocket compartment to keep your wet gear separate from your dry sportswear and electronics. Make sure you are race-ready by choosing a bag that feels comfortable on your back and also stores your kit securely for the optimum experience.

Swimming bags keep things organised and to hand when you need it most

On the website, there are many different types of swim bags and swim backpacks to choose from, available in a choice of different styles and colours and that have the capacity to keep all your equipment organised with special compartments and water-resistant properties for all your different items. From simple drawstring backpacks to shoulder bag styles or backpacks with adjustable shoulder straps and back padding made from breathable material, you can choose the one that feels most comfortable and best suits your needs. Should you need to swim with your bag, we also stock a range of completely waterproof dry bags that are lightweight, help with buoyancy and will keep you and your gear protected from the elements. Check out our portfolio and start getting race-ready.