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Determine the optimal frame size for your children's bike

Which wheel size is most suitable?

Children's bikes are measured differently than adult's bikes. In order for the child's bike to fit optimally, the wheel size should match the body size of the child. Use our children's wheel chart for guidance.

Individual wheel manufacturers also specify the frame size. You will find also recommendations in our children's wheel chart. Our recommendation: We know children grow fast and there is the temptation to buy a children's wheel to "grow". But especially for young cyclists, an appropriately sized is essential to learn how to cycle with pleasure and enthusiasm.

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Refer to this size chart
in cm
in years
Recommended Wheel Size
in inches
Recommended Frame Size
in cm
95-105 cmApprox. 2-3 years12"18-21 cm
100-115 cmApprox. 3-4 years12"-16"21-23 cm
100-120 cmApprox. 4-5 years16"-18"23-29 cm
115-125 cmApprox. 5-6 years18"25-32 cm
120-135 cmApprox. 6-8 years20"25-34 cm
130-150 cmApprox. 8-11 years24"28-35 cm
140-160 cmApprox. 11-13 years24"-26"32-38 cm

Please note:
These recommendations are just suggestions. Age can only provide an approximate answer.

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