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Arm Warmers
Arm warmers turn a short sleeve jersey into a long sleeve jersey. Arm warmers are perfect for cooler mornings in the Spring or Autumn when you know it will get warmer later on. Arm warmers are tight-fitting and have grippers on the inside, so they don't slip down. Our tip: Arm warmers that are not made of a single piece of material but instead made of several segments and slightly pre-shaped at the elbow joint usually fit better and are more comfortable.

Arm Warmers

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A good pair of arm warmers has its place in every serious cyclist’s wardrobe. Although you may not have considered buying them before, arm warmers could be exactly what you’ve been missing. Extremely versatile items, arm warmers are not only useful for cooler days but also for fast descents and even keeping the sun off your arms in summer. Because spring or autumn weather can be unpredictable, having a good pair of arm warmers can be truly indispensable. Arm warmers are lightweight enough to be stashed easily in your jersey or jacket pocket, and with a little practice can be put on and taken off even without getting off the bike. Additionally, they offer more versatility than wearing a long-sleeved jersey and bibtights.

What to bear in mind when buying arm warmers?

For such a simple item, there’s a tremendous number of arm warmers available on the market. For this reason, it’s important to understand exactly what’s available. Here are a few things to know before buying a pair of arm warmers:


Arm warmers are usually made from a mixture of man-made fabrics like polyamide, polyester and elastane, designed to be simultaneously warm, breathable, stretchy and weatherproof. While this may sound like all things to all men, these modern fibres are able to achieve this. By including elastic at the upper and lower cuffs, manufacturers aim to offer stretchiness without the arm warmers digging in to your arms. Pay attention to product descriptions: some arm warmers are designed specifically for colder weather and are therefore thicker.

Features & design

At their most simple, arm warmers are little more than tubes of material, designed to keep your arms a bit warmer. Pay more, and you’ll see features such as ergonomic hand openings, anatomically-placed seams and vastly superior fit, often with compression properties to stimulate your muscles. It’s also a good idea to look out for reflective components on the arm warmers. As most arm warmers are black, reflective logos or strips can make a big difference to your safety in low-light conditions or when the weather is particularly grim.

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